Kali Xronia!

Happy New Year!!! I am lucky, I have definitely found a good dose of happiness this year. Exploring, laughing and sleeping. But I’ve discovered happiness is a moving target. What makes you happy today, may not make you happy tomorrow, so it’s best to enjoy the moment when happiness comes and just let the future surprise you with the happy moments yet to unfold.

We saw out the last days of 2013 in Berlin, crazy firework exploding Berlin. Berlin is an awesome vibrant city all year round, but around New Year’s Eve every man and his dog buys a bag of fireworks and sets the street ablaze! It’s nuts! And a little scary when you need to walk those streets to get from point A to point B. However, the good news is that we managed to avoid getting blown up on our way to the New Year’s Eve party, and a few gin and tonics later I found the explosions hilarious.

BRING ON 2014! I stopped making traditional New Year’s resolutions a long while ago, but I still think it’s a good idea to start the new year with a positive intention or two. So for 2014 my mantra will be: “Be the change you seek”. Less complaining about a given situation, more action to change the situation, e.g. I love the bike culture in Europe, so I will be actively biking more in Sydney on my return home to lend my voice to that cause. I’m also kicking off 2014 with a whole lot of new stuff up my sleeve, new experiences, new energy, new perspective, new languages, new haircuts, new lifestyle, new priorities…newness, or renewal, is definitely a strong theme here.

So with seven weeks remaining of this particular adventure, what’s happening? Cooking, reading, more studying, more language school, visiting family in Northern Greece, a cheeky mini trip to Barcelona because the flights are cheap, packing up our apartment, packing up our Greek lives…and preparing for the return home. Great way to start the year.

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